Roxer enables experts to monetize their audience through privacy-protected hotlines.

Your audience wants to pay to speak with you, but you don’t want to give out your phone number or muck with billing. Roxer gives you a new revenue stream by enabling you to take paid calls from your audience. It’s like a phone call except with automatic billing, privacy, and a caller waiting room– so your phone only rings when you want it to.


Key Features



Roxer includes a paid texting feature. Callers will be billed at a rate you decide to be able to text chat with you for 24 hours. Roxer texting shows typing status and supports image and file uploads.


Revenue Scenarios


Case Study: The technologist making $1,000 per hour using Roxer

John is an industry veteran of the information security industry- a professional computer hacker. Over several decades he’s accumulated a following of thousands of people across the globe.

Monetizing his fanbase always been a difficult effort. Common techniques like selling merch and courses would certainly bring in some revenue, but at the same time would damage his personal brand.

John began using Roxer to take calls from his fanbase. He provided his Roxer Call Link to his fans by posting it to his social media accounts. Many of his fans not only wanted to speak with him, but were willing to pay a high price.

With Roxer, he’s making $1,000 per call. He only gets called during the Hours of Availability he set on the Roxer app.

How to use Roxer to generate revenue through paid hotlines

The following sections outline how experts can use Roxer on different social media platforms to convert their audience into paid hotline calls.

The Roxer Call Link

People can call you directly from your link, right from the web, and will get billed by the minute if you answer the phone.

Your audience discovers your personal “Roxer Call Link” on your social media profiles, email signature, or anywhere you promote it.

If your name was Sam Miller your link would looks like this, though you can completely customize the text.


Easily offer phone consulting by including your call link in your Instagram profile.



Easily offer phone consulting by including your call link in your TikTok profile.



At the end of videos, encourage your viewers to call you to discuss the video topic further. Include your call link in video descriptions.



Offer paid professional advice over the phone to your followers.



Offer paid professional advice over the phone to your connections and followers.



During your livestream, encourage your viewers to call you directly for 1-1 premium support.


How your audience places a call

The following sections outline how your audience places a call after clicking on your call link.

Call Screen

People click on your Roxer Call link, which takes them directly to your Roxer profile. There they’ll see pricing information and have the ability to call you directly from the web page.


Placing a call

The first time a caller uses Roxer they’ll need to setup their account and add payment information.


The call begins

A call timer begins when the call is answered by the expert. The caller will be automatically billed for the call duration when the call ends.


How you receive a call

You’ll need to first download the Roxer mobile app and set your desired pricing before receiving calls.



Once setup, your audience will have the ability to call you using your Call Link.

The following pages take you through receiving a call.

Go online

Your phone will only ring when you want it to. When you’re available to take a call, indicate your availability by setting hours of availability or by manually going “online” using the Roxer mobile app. Callers waiting to call you will then be notified and have the ability to call you.



Once a call ends you’ll be immediately notified of how much you received for the call. This will be reflected on your “Earnings” tab. When you’re ready cash out your earnings, press the “Cash out” button.


That's it!

Roxer is super simple to use and only takes 3 minutes to setup. Try it out and let us know what you think.