Want to speak with your favorite streamer while they're live on stream? You can invite them to join Roxer and take your call with 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Find your favorite streamer on Twitch.

Step 2: In the Twitch chat, paste the following message:

Hey {Name}, I'm a big fan! I'd like to pay you $5 for a call. There's this cool app called Roxer that allows streamers to take paid calls from their viewers. This would be a good way to connect with your viewers and add a new premium offering. I'd love to show my support by giving you a call during a stream!

Learn more and download the Roxer mobile app here: roxer.com/creators @roxerapp

Go the extra mile:
You can also reach out to the streamer through their other social media, discord group, and more!

Your favorite streamer signed up for Roxer, now what?

→ How to place a Roxer call on mobile
→ How to place a Roxer call on desktop