1. Get Roxer

Download Roxer to your favorite device.

2. Sign In

Roxer is super simple to use and only takes 3 minutes to setup. Sign in with your phone number and follow the steps presented.

3. Create a Web Hotline

A "Web Hotline" is a service done over the phone for money. Roxer pays you when people call or text your hotline. To create one, decide on a title, why you're an expert, cost, and other details.

4. Give out your Call Link

Your call link is like a phone number, but better– you get paid when people use it :) Pass this link out like you would a phone number. When people want to call you, they'll go to that link and call directly from their web browser. They'll get billed automatically and you'll get paid.


5. Set Hours of Availability

You'll only recieve calls when you're available. You can set Hours of Availability to go automatically become available at the same time each day. Or, when you've got some spare time to take a call, manually flip the availability switch.

Roxer texting screen

People who want to call you will be notified that you're live and available for a call:


6. Answer your phone

When a call comes in from Roxer, your phone will ring. Just pick up the phone like you would any other call. After the call, you'll get a notification showing you how much you earned.

7. Get Paid

Tap the "Earnings" tab to see what your current earnings are. Press the "Cash out" button when you'd like payment sent to you via PayPal or Venmo.